Letter to the AG of NH

July 17, 2018

Complaint about failure of On Call International LLC to pay for vendor services provided.


On May 11, 2018 Colin P... fell and shattered his Femur/Hip in Kennewick Washington. After he was taken to the hospital, it was determined by the medical staff that there was no local doctor willing to attempt a fix. Mr. P.... had an On Call International LLC policy that would air-lift him and wife to a hospital that could take care of him. On Call determined that they would transport him to his local hospital in Victoria, BC Canada, which they did.

Also included in this policy was the requirement to transport the P....s' vehicle to their home. Talking on the phone with On Call, their solution was to put it out for bid to a transport company to execute a transport. The estimated that it would take a week or two for that to occur. Being without a vehicle for 2 weeks would have been a great inconvenient for Mrs. P...... with her husband in the hospital, as they lived about an hour from the hospital.

I talked with On Call and asked about me driving their car up their immediately. I was told that I would be a vendor and they would pay for my expenses and a per diem. They sent me a vendor contract which I signed and returned. You will see that one of the last lines states that a per diem would be paid.

It's been a long time since I had used a per diem so in my invoice, I used $100 a day as that was what it was 30 years ago. I looked up the federal guidelines that they referenced, but like most government documents, I didn't have a clue what it said.

Since the destination was Victoria, BC, Canada Some of the charges were in Canadian currency, so I used what my credit card bill stated conversion rate. You will see the original invoice in the PDF.

As you can see by the emails, I heard nothing from On Call for over a month. When I finally heard from them, they said that they refused to pay any per diem and that they had their own conversion software which apparently differed from my credit card company's conversion by $30+. When I bitched, Ms. Howard said that they would pay what my card charged me, but no per diem and I paid too much for the hotel room. Note: after being held up at the Canadian border for over an hour, I missed the last ferry and found the cheapest hotel room, I could. The next morning the car's battery was dead and luckily, the husband of the clerk lived nearby and was able to jump it quicker than any tow truck would have. I gave him $10, of course I didn't ask for a receipt.

Since they were only going to pay actual expenses, I sent the food receipts. By now 2 months have passed and I receive a check for the original amount ($466.90) that they said that they were going to pay the first time. Not trusting them I am not cashing the check and have cut it up and notified them.

My actual expenses: Delta Airline ticket: $217.67, Gas receipts: $77.85, Hotel Room: $132.30, Ferry from Vancouver to Victoria: $56.97, Dead battery: $10, Parking: $1.18, Food: $27.54, for a total of $523.51 Enclosed you will also find reviews that I found on-line.

Thanks for your time.


After this letter I found that major companies pay out of town employees $70 a day for food and incidentals. Hotels, gas/car allowance etc are paid extra. Which in spite of the "contract" saying I would receive. I removed the client's name to protect their privacy.


DISCLAIMER: Everything that happened to me is totally accurate. I am taking at face value the reviews, which anyone would.