What is the Reason for this Site

On Call International & EA+ Plus

I happen to run into this company, as a vendor. I agreed to deliver a vehicle for one of their insured/members/clients back to their home. Had I not agreed to return the vehicle, On Call International would have had to find a car hauling company and they said that could take a couple weeks for the client to get their car. In light of the fact that the client would be in the hospital for 2 weeks (a shattered femur) Obviously, the spouse would need the car to get around during that 2 weeks.

So I signed their Vendor Agreement which clearly states that they will reimburse all required expenses and per diem. I needed to drive the vehicle a little more than 400 miles. The trip required me to take it into Canada. The clients are residents of Canada.  The headache there was that it wasn't my vehicle and it was licensed in the US. I did have all of the needed paperwork but it took more than an hour at the border. I needed to spend the night, take a ferry, buy gas, eat, parking and an airline ticket back home. They specify a basic economy ticket, which is one step above being duck taped to a wing.