The On Call International Legal Stuff

Letter to the AG of NH

July 17, 2018

Complaint about failure of On Call International LLC to pay for vendor services provided.


On May 11, 2018 Colin P... fell and shattered his Femur/Hip in Kennewick Washington. After he was taken to the hospital, it was determined by the medical staff that there was no local doctor willing to attempt a fix. Mr. P.... had an On Call International LLC policy that would air-lift him and wife to a hospital that could take care of him. On Call determined that they would transport him to his local hospital in Victoria, BC Canada, which they did.


Transportation of RV/Vehicle

Vendor Agreement

I, __________________________________, agree to transport the [RV/Vehicle year, make, model and tow vehicle year/make/model, if applicable] of Colin P....], from [pickup location, address, city, state, zip] to [return destination, address, city, state, zip] in a direct and expedient manner.

By signing below, I understand that I am entering into a Vendor Agreement with Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+)/On Call International, LLC and that I am considered a Vendor. I also understand that Colin P..... and/or I are responsible for all costs required to maintain the safe operation of the vehicle(s) during the course of the return.

By entering into this Vendor Agreement with Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+)/On Call International, LLC, EA+/On Call will provide reasonable transportation in the form of a one-way economy ticket and reasonable ground transportation for me to arrive at either the location of the vehicle or to return to my home after the vehicle has been returned.