On Call International

Kelly B., Roanoke, IN

Despicable company to deal with. Don't even wast your money. My mother had a heat attack in France. Opened a claim immediately. I constantly had to follow up with them. Was promised calls back that never happened. Questioned the quality of care my mother was receiving at hospital. Was told it was adequate by a representative from On Call International. Verified how- ?
Still no answer to this day on that one. Nothing but lip service.

On Call International
Condo D., Marietta, GA

Don't go within 20,000 miles of these people.  They will lie and neglect you rather than doing their job.  Buy travel insurance that DOES NOT use OnCall, because I promise they will do nothing to help you in an emergency.  They are totally dishonest, unprofessional, and have no clue what's needed medically.  They have a million excuses handy and will not reply to your emergency needs.  I had a nightmare dealing with them last week and will be filing charges against them.  The lack of service was horrific.  The worst part is the lies.  Fortunately, I have proof of every lie they told, so they will lose.  They make me sick for the way they treated me and failed to do their job

On Call International
Howard M., Lee, NH

Totally underwhelmed by their service. My wife and I were on vacation over Christmas in Europe, when she became ill.The illness was not serious, but we requested that "On Call International" contact our airline while she was sick to inform them we would have to delay flights (and while phone lines were busy over the vacation). They failed to do this, and this caused us to incur financial penalties.