On Call International
Anthony M., San Diego, CA

This company is about money and money only.  My wife and I traveled to Hawaii for two weeks for our honeymoon. At the advice of our travel agent, we purchased travel insurance through On Call International.

During our trip, my wife and I both slipped off a 40 foot cliff while hiking, and sustained severe (non life threatening) injuries. I immediately was told that we would need to be transported back to NJ via air ambulance. I was also told that the air ambulance cost over $100,000, but since we got the travel insurance, IT WOULD ALL BE TAKEN CARE OF.

On Call International
Katherine W., San Diego, CA

This is the worst excuse for insurance you can imagine!  DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT use this insurance company and make sure the insurance company you did buy through is not outsourcing to them when executing a claim!  I agree with what someone else wrote that they'd rather see your loved one come home in a casket rather than save them internationally.  Is paperwork really that necessary?  One page should suffice and language is a realistic barrier they do not work with.  I was asked to help one of our passengers on a tour in Japan and had I not been there to help her through all the hurdles this company required, she would not have made it.  

On Call International

R.D., San Jose, CA


Unbelievable service . . . all bad. My wife needed to be medevac from Lhasa, Tibet, after an emergency appendectomy. The hospital was filthy, the operating room was not sterile, everything was really below 3rd world. We had a $1,00,000 medical repatriation policy that they were supposed to be servicing. OnCall delayed, always had a form they wanted filled out, every excuse in the world. Lhasa is at 12,000 ft and she developed altitude sickness and infections because they kept not flying her out. One excuse was that the airplane would have to fly too high and that would be bad for her . . . guess they never heard of cabin pressurization. Another excuse was that it was a holiday in Japan. Better issue those people some maps. We decided that On Call would rather send a body home than a live person.