On Call International
Anthony M., San Diego, CA

This company is about money and money only.  My wife and I traveled to Hawaii for two weeks for our honeymoon. At the advice of our travel agent, we purchased travel insurance through On Call International.

During our trip, my wife and I both slipped off a 40 foot cliff while hiking, and sustained severe (non life threatening) injuries. I immediately was told that we would need to be transported back to NJ via air ambulance. I was also told that the air ambulance cost over $100,000, but since we got the travel insurance, IT WOULD ALL BE TAKEN CARE OF.

That was the first an only time I was happy I decided to purchase insurance through On Call. Needless to say, it is now 11 days since accident and my wife and I are still in Hawaii. On Call has given us the run around at every stage. First telling me I was not healthy enough to fly, even though I was cleared by multiple doctors at the hospital. They are now telling me that I need to wait another week, then get a CT Scan and they will re-evaluate at that point. On Call is hoping I get too frustrated, and buy a plane ticket myself to get home. This company is truly pathetic and I caution each and everyone of you to not purchase any insurance through them or risk dealing with what me or hundreds of others have been going through. Please feel free to email me with any and all questions , as I do not want to see anyone else go through what I currently am.