On Call International
Howard M., Lee, NH

Totally underwhelmed by their service. My wife and I were on vacation over Christmas in Europe, when she became ill.The illness was not serious, but we requested that "On Call International" contact our airline while she was sick to inform them we would have to delay flights (and while phone lines were busy over the vacation). They failed to do this, and this caused us to incur financial penalties.

My wife had to visit a local walk-in clinic/emergency room for her illness. "On Line International" required completely unrealistic paperwork from the local doctor (in many pages of technical English, a language the (otherwise highly-competent) doctor did not speak) to submit the insurance. The doctor dismissed the form as preposterous (saying something like: "I spend my time curing people, not filling out forms").

On talking to the "On Call International" phone reps, they seemed incredulous that local emergency room doctors were not willing to fill out their bloated paperwork. I note that they did not offer translations of their forms into even the most widely-spoken languages (Mandarin, Spanish, etc...)

A few of the phone reps I interacted with seemed capable, but inappropriately trained for their jobs. They were certainly not up to the challenges of coordinating international emergencies: none of them had any idea what the local European traditions were, and had absolutely no clue as to how to navigate local medical facilities. A few of the reps were outright incompetent, unfortunately.

Therefore, the "International" in "On Call International" seems to be overly presumptuous.

I cannot recommend this company. Sorry.