On Call International
Condo D., Marietta, GA

Don't go within 20,000 miles of these people.  They will lie and neglect you rather than doing their job.  Buy travel insurance that DOES NOT use OnCall, because I promise they will do nothing to help you in an emergency.  They are totally dishonest, unprofessional, and have no clue what's needed medically.  They have a million excuses handy and will not reply to your emergency needs.  I had a nightmare dealing with them last week and will be filing charges against them.  The lack of service was horrific.  The worst part is the lies.  Fortunately, I have proof of every lie they told, so they will lose.  They make me sick for the way they treated me and failed to do their job


They never made it right, never did their job, and anyone who buys from these people is asking for abuse and neglect in a time of need.  Beware of any travel insurance you buy, because several travel insurance companies utilise OnCall for their emergency services. You saw the manager/owner comment after my complaint?  He did nada, nothing, zip. He's copping out.  When I was in the accident, they said they faxed the hospital, so I asked which number they faxed.  They gave me a number that does not exist.  And guess what?  The hospital doesn't have fax capability.  It was not the correct number of digits for the UK. They did not contact the hospital until after I was discharged.  My back, pelvis, and elbow were broken.  OnCall did nothing.  They refused to fly me home in a reclining seat even when I showed them the letter from the physician.  These people are horrid.  Three reclining seats on that aircraft were empty, and OnCall refused to get me into one of them.  They told me to pay for it myself.  I have records of everything that happened.  Yes, it's a good idea to take them to the state authority.  I'm also publishing on other sites, because I don't want people to go into this without knowing the truth.  I bought my policy through Travel Insured which is another doozy.  Don't go there!