On Call International
Katherine W., San Diego, CA

This is the worst excuse for insurance you can imagine!  DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT use this insurance company and make sure the insurance company you did buy through is not outsourcing to them when executing a claim!  I agree with what someone else wrote that they'd rather see your loved one come home in a casket rather than save them internationally.  Is paperwork really that necessary?  One page should suffice and language is a realistic barrier they do not work with.  I was asked to help one of our passengers on a tour in Japan and had I not been there to help her through all the hurdles this company required, she would not have made it.  

MAKE SURE YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY DOES NOT HAVE THEM AS THEIR executor of claim!   READ the FINE PRINT TILL YOU ARE CROSS EYED!  They hide behind wording and your poor loved one is the victim of this!  B E W A R E!  DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!