On Call International Employee

"Beware!!! Company full of contradictions, deceit and negativity." 

Former Employee - Assistance Coordinator 12/12/17

Doesn't Recommend Negative Outlook

I worked at On Call International full-time (More than 3 years)

Pros There is always opportunity for overtime. When you quit, they will pay you for 2 weeks but you will not have to work them. New HR department gives people hope that there will be change.


Cons If you want to end up overworked, resenting mankind and on medication for depression and anxiety, then the operations department at On Call International is for you. The work environment is extremely negative and if you work hard, don’t expect any praise or reward. As a coordinator, you will be under high stress taking calls from angry travelers while working 12-20 medical or travel assist cases as you are also being berated by your supervisors all for $14.50/hr. Half the supervisors wouldn’t know what to do if they had to answer the phones or work a case, but will scold you for doing the smallest thing the wrong way. None of the supervisors have any leadership skills, know how to provide constructive criticism or know how to boost morale. If you speak out of have any sort of education, you are a threat for taking one of their jobs, so you’ll be labeled as “negative” and never get promoted. You will be rushed through training and receive very little support as everyone is overloaded with cases and the responsibility of clearing the calls from the never ending queue. The incestuous nature of the office is down right absurd. There are family members working for each other and even the president of the company set the example by marrying his account manager. The whole structure of the company is crooked from the top, down. All in all, this job is ok for a temporary position, but don’t expect to go anywhere long-term unless you are a family member or love interest.

Advice to Management Positivity and leading by example goes a long way.